The Original WhackerSpoon

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What A Whack Will Do….

  • Paillard without tearing and tenderize without poking.
  • Release garlic right out of its skin
  • Scare citrus juice from its pulp.
  • Pulverize pepper.
  • Crack ice.
Over half a century ago, my grandfather started Aircraft foundry, one of the first and certainly the finest aluminum sand casting foundries in the World. The Original WhackerSpoon is hand cast in the sand at that same California foundry, now run by my third cousins. My mother, Betty Evans, was a cookbook writer. Her friend was the Original celebrity chef. My mother gave her friend this fine cooking tool, she slapped it in her hand and exclaimed, "..... this is a WhackerSpoon!" She used The Original Whackerspoon to pound meat flat for paillard (veal, chicken or pork pounded thin and flash fried) or Milanese (cutlets pounded thin, then breaded) specialties on her cooking show. As with your food preparation, we make The Original WhackerSpoon using only the finest ingredients, US food grade aluminum, ball burnished for 8 hours, to give a smooth, heirloom quality, impenetrable surface. I have taken the liberty of signing your WhackerSpoon. I do this with many of my designs, some of which have been exhibited at the Architectural & Design Museum for the County of Los Angeles, and are part of the permanent collections of the New York Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Let this piece of art, The Original WhackerSpoon, become part of your family treasures. - Bob Evans, Designer
Check out Steak Diane Recipe from "Julia Child & Company" - Whee for the Whackerspoon!

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  1. Steven

    I’ve been looking for this for years, met Julia a couple of times professionally, and saw her using this tool on her show . . . I finally did a Google search for Julia Child’s pounder, your link came up on one of the images. So glad I finally found the darn thing.

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